Over the past few years, the Columbia Alumni Association (CAA) has captured hundreds of inspiring stories from Columbia alumni, faculty, staff, and students. Check out a sampling below, then browse the complete collection.

Featured Videos

Andrew Gelman Video
Andrew Gelman: How Stats & Data Figure in Life

The professor of statistics and political science at Columbia shares how data projects he has collaborated on with colleagues and students have been key in shedding light on real-world issues.

Jay Edelberg Video
Jay Edelberg: Like Father Like Son

The 1985 Columbia Engineering alumnus speaks of his amazing experience volunteering as an EMT during his time at Columbia, which inspired his son, a 2019 Engineering graduate, to follow suit. 

Radha Kulkarni Video
Radha Kulkarni: SIPA Prepares You for the World

The 2017 School of International and Public Affairs alumna shares why her experience at Columbia was so impactful and how she plans to make the world a better place.

Lewis Chen Video
Lewis Chen: The Future of Dentistry

The 2016 graduate of the College of Dental Medicine reflects on the unique experiences he had at the School as a result of new, advanced technologies, including 3-D printing dentures. 

Adrian Gradinaru Video
Adrian Gradinaru: Starting an Online Business for Boat Rental

The 2014 Business School alumnus explains how he combined his love of boating and Columbia education to start his own business.