ADR in Employment Law

Alfred Feliu

ADR in Employment Law reviews every aspect of dispute resolution in the employment setting, including arbitration, mediation, and internal corporate dispute resolution. Chapter authors are leading figures in the employment dispute resolution field. Mr. Feliu is a renowned arbitrator and mediator and the former Chair of the Labor & Employment Law Section of the New York State Bar Association.

The historical context for employment law dispute resolution is analyzed, as is the conflict resolution framework for ADR in organizations. The unique aspects of employment mediation are summarized and analyzed. The arbitration process is described and analyzed from the pleadings stage, to the selection of the arbitrator and ADR provider, to the pre-hearing and hearing stages, and concluding with post-hearing challenges to awards. Insights into the workings of the ADR providers, the selection of arbitrators, the conducting of discovery and the hearing itself are provided by experts with decades of experience in the field. As arbitration continues to expand its reach as an alternative to litigation in resolving employment disputes, this single volume text provides employment law practitioners, both counsel and neutrals, with an essential tool in their library.