Alice in Condoland

Liz Bieler

  Alice Miller is an idealistic young woman who leaves the New York rat race in search of a more passionate and authentic life in South Florida. Her Manhattan salary affords her an ocean-facing condominium and luxury beyond her wildest, Upper West Side dreams. Those dreams, however, become a nightmare when she discovers corruption everywhere--in the news, at work, and in her new building, where self-dealing managers blatantly misuse her hard-earned cash. How can she fight back--and win--against pervasive fraud?
   Fully appreciative of the often-comical multi-cultural swirl around her, Alice meets a series of characters--the Champion, Sherlock Holmez, Joanna Rivers, and Florence Nightingale--who become her friends. Working together, they bridge Condoland's English/Spanish divide. The Jews, Latins, and Latin Jews of Condoland join forces, launching an all-out campaign to overthrow their Board of Drektors. In the midst of this struggle, Alice blooms. She reassesses her life, relationships, and career, leaving behind what no longer serves her. By eschewing the opinions of others, Alice builds self-confidence to pursue her happiness.