Getting Started in the Community - Alumni

The upgraded Online Alumni Community is more than just a directory. It is a space for you to search for fellow alumni, share news and advice, browse content, and network with your community of almost 385,000 Columbia alumni living around the world.

The profiles are searchable by details such as name, school, degree year, industry, activities, region (city/state/country), bio, and more - simply use the search bar at the very top of your screen once you have logged in.

It’s a great way to network with alumni across the University. Here are some tips on how to get started!

Getting Started...

  • Login using your UNI and password. Need help? Visit the UNI help page to find your UNI and/or reset your password

  • Check to confirm the information in your profile is correct and update where necessary

  • Identify your career goal and finalize your resume before searching the database

  • Identify alumni in your preferred career field

  • Prioritize those with whom you share common interests or backgrounds

Searching for alumni

  • The Community is much more than just a searchable list of alumni. It is place to share news, ideas, browse content and connect with alumni across the world.

  • Now, we have made it even easier to search for alumni as well as search across groups and topics

  • Simply search the directory using the search bar at the top of the Community!

  • There are a number of ways you can search by typing directly into the search bar and clicking/pressing the search icon. Examples include:

    • Name

    • Industry

    • School and graduation year 

    • Job title

    • Interest 

    • And more!

  • Tip: Not sure who to reach out to? Start your search with broad keywords and use the handy filters to narrow down your search

Before you reach out to an alum/alumnus

  • Learn as much as you can about the organization for which s/he works. Use the Office of Career Services and the Internet

  • Prepare questions in advance

Reaching out

  • Give him or her time to respond.  If you don’t hear back within 10 days, you may send a second email. Do not send a third email without a response

  • Ask questions that will help you understand the field/job/organization

  • Ask if there is anyone else they can recommend for you to meet

  • Always be professional