Angels Elephants And Ants

Jack Florentin

Jack Florentin is a successful entrepreneur and the son of Holocaust survivors. As co-founder and CEO of Sarah Lawrence S.A., he has introduced major fashion brands in Europe, while expanding his business exponentially. Jack broke into the textile industry following successive degrees in Engineering and an MBA from Columbia University, which he attended as a foreign student navigating the exciting 1970s in New York City. His story provides a rare glimpse into one man’s struggle to survive in a tumultuous business environment; at the same time avoiding being crushed by the threat of “elephants”, or competitors. In addition, his experiences offer insight into the lives of Thessaloniki Jews who survived Auschwitz, and into the lives of their children. Through the help of “angels” - his therapist, friends and family – Jack affirms the values essential to the three cultures he identifies with: Sephardic, Greek, and American. And when faced with the spectre of failure, Jack overcame trauma and despair, while helping his daughter deal with a life – threatening disease. Both informative and inspiring, Angels, Elephants and Ants is sure to motivate and move its readers.