Barriers to Entry: Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Breakthroughs in a Chinese Workplace

Paul Ross

Thousands of foreigners are working for Chinese management and companies in countries around the world.
   The number of non-Chinese working for Chinese management in Chinese companies has exploded over the last five years and is expected to double over the next five as Chinese companies expand, acquire, and hire in countries around the world. Yet very little has been written about the phenomenon.
   Barriers to Entry chronicles the experience of foreign staff in Chinese companies and provides insight into what it takes for the non-Chinese employee to understand, adapt, survive and ultimately achieve success in a Chinese corporate environment. In so doing, it provides a unique view into the inner workings of a Chinese company.  As context, the book charts the history of foreigners in the employ of Chinese that goes as far back as the Tang Dynasty. It also describes the particular challenges faced by Chinese executives charged with managing foreign staff.