Beechwood Park

Jamie Guzzardo (Jamie Righetti, Pen Name)

Told in a series of alternating flashbacks, Beechwood Park is the story of twins Cait and Abby—one fated to destroy the other—mirroring the downfall of Cain and Abel. Abby has always lived in the shadow of her violent sister Cait. Growing up under the oppressive yolk of their religious grandmother, Estelle, the girls are driven apart by jealousy and fear, fueled in part by their poverty and the unspoken secret of their illegitimacy. When Abby finally leaves small town Kansas behind, she sets out for New York City and immediately finds herself swept up in the cultural revolution of the 1960’s. From the Greenwich Village folk scene to the Civil Rights Movement to the violence and instability of Vietnam protests, Abby begins to forge a life for herself with her revolutionary boyfriend, Blake. But hope quickly turns to violence, drugs and instability. As anti-Vietnam protests roar through college campuses across the country, Blake and Abby find themselves plunging headfirst into the dangerous underworld of anti-establishment counterculture, until a tragic accident forces Abby back into her sister's life. When finally confronted with her family's darkest secrets, Abby sets out to find her father. But what awaits her in Beechwood Park? Will Abby find the reunion she's always longed for, or something more sinister? It seems only her sister, Cait, truly knows.