Best Time for Love

Janet Capron

The best time for love is when it’s least expected. Lively, pretty seventy-five-year-old Sue Endicott is shopping for a gift for her first great-grandchild in a Florida department store when a distinguished-looking silver-haired gentleman approaches her. Before long, they find themselves sharing food, laughs and a good bit of history. And the adventure begins. Nothing ever runs smoothly in this life, and it sure doesn’t for Sue and Lenny. Their courtship is a wild and, yes, passionate ride that takes them from the south coast of Florida to a glamorous apartment in New York City overlooking Central Park to the peaceful Green Mountains of Vermont. Along the way, they have to battle their less-than-reliable aging bodies, the specter of lost spouses, and sometimes each other in a race against time, where every moment counts and each decision surely means forever