A Blue Dark

Fiona Sze-Lorrain and Fritz Horstman

 "A Blue Dark" features a selection of ink drawings by Connecticut-based visual artist Fritz Horstman, alongside poems and translations by poet, translator, and zheng harpist Fiona Sze-Lorrain. This is published by Vif Éditions, in conjunction with the exhibition "A Blue Dark" at the Gallery Upstairs at the Institute Library in New Haven, Connecticut, which opens on June 1 and runs through September 7. The exhibition showcases poems handwritten by Sze-Lorrain on washi paper prepared by Horstman. Both artists explore a cross-genre range of textual/non-textual responses to the presence of a luminous dark. They meditate on its changing physicality, materiality, space, emotions, images, meanings, and music by dialoguing with each other’s work, inspired by the complexity of black, gray, and white, as well as their fluid mysteries of being.