Book & Baby

Milda M. De Voe

"A thoroughly comprehensive and user-friendly instructional manual in both organization and presentation, "Book and Baby" is especially and unreservedly recommended" by Mid-West Book Review for all writers who also have kids.
   Organized by the age of the child from infant through grown-and-flown, DeVoe collects the combined tricks and tips of more than 200 published (and frequently prize-winning) writers of fiction, poetry and nonfiction--the experiences of Min Jin Lee, Mira Jacob, JP Howard, Marie Myung-Ok Lee and other powerhouses--and suggests various solutions for drained parents who wish to finish a written work!
   DeVoe uses her Columbia MFA to entertain the reader, narrating the crazy decade-long path she took to build Pen Parentis from scratch into the only national nonprofit that helps writers stay on creative track after having kids.
   "Fascinating stories about getting through the days… and nights in the ever-changing dance of raising children and the quest to be creative on the page" -- author, writing instructor, and Pen Parentis supporter, Patty Dann
   "I have been writing while parenting for nearly 20 years, spent 10 of those years editing a website devoted to the topic, and I still learned a few things." -- Caroline M Grant, former editor of Literary Mama and co-founder of The Sustainable Arts Foundation