Catalan Interlude | October 18 - 26, 2024

Join alumni and friends from October 18–26, 2024 for a unique journey to Catalonia by land and sea. Learn about Catalan culture, language, and its fascinating ancient heritage. Explore the enduring influence of diverse civilizations, from Romans to Franks and Aragonese, that have left their mark on this autonomous region of Spain. Begin with three nights in the medieval city of Girona, followed by a four-night Balearic Sea cruise aboard Sea Cloud II to Valencia, Ibiza, and Mallorca.

Go behind the scenes at Roman ruins, Gothic cathedrals, and treasure-filled museums. Enjoy Michelin-starred Catalan cuisine in a 16th-century farmhouse. Accompany scholars on a private tour of Girona’s Museu d’Història dels Jueus, housed in a 14th-century synagogue. Here, marvel at the treasures of Girona’s medieval Jewish community. Enjoy an inside look at the Catedral de Girona, which houses the world’s widest Gothic nave and a revered 11th-century Romanesque tapestry. Explore the world’s largest collection of works by Catalan artist Salvador Dalí in his hometown of Figueres.

Meet historians amid the sun-kissed ancient ruins of Tarragona, Spain’s earliest Roman city. Stop at its 14,000-seat seaside amphitheater that once hosted gladiatorial spectacles. Then set sail aboard Sea Cloud II for Valencia, where you will have a private look at the city’s lavish, 16th-century Gothic silk exchange, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. During a guided tour of the 13th-century Valencia Cathedral, gaze upon the purported Holy Grail used by Christ at the Last Supper.

Join experts to uncover Ibiza’s little-known archaeological wonders, including one of the world’s largest Phoenician necropolises. On nearby Mallorca, attend an exclusive reception at an art-filled historic mansion with panoramic island views. Take an inside look at the island’s awe-inspiring 13th-century cathedral, La Seu, with its unique interior designed by Gaudí.

Form new bonds with fellow alumni, friends, and like-minded travelers from cosponsoring institutions. We hope you will join this enriching Catalan journey by land and sea. Please contact the Alumni Travel Study Program at 866-325-8664 or [email protected] for more details and to book now while choice accommodations are available.