Costa Rica and the Panama Canal | March 1 - 9, 2024

Travel in the company of alumni and friends from March 1 to 9, 2024 and witness one of the greatest feats of the modern age—the Panama Canal, a stunning example of engineering prowess. This nearly 50‑mile passage through the narrow Isthmus of Panama continues to astonish even the most veteran traveler. The nine-day, eight-night itinerary also showcases some of the pristine rainforests and islands of Costa Rica and Panama.

Panama Canal

Cruise aboard the 5‑star Le Dumont d’Urville , a sophisticated small ship offering only 92 suites and staterooms, each with a private balcony. Dock in small ports of call inaccessible to larger vessels and enjoy a variety of included excursions led by experienced onboard naturalists. Tour the stunning and biodiverse Manuel Antonio National Park, where guides will lead a trail walk through an ecosystem of rare species, including the scarlet macaw and fiery-billed aracari. Visit the Rio Seco Rainforest, an off-the-beaten-path destination accessible only by boat for a day of hiking and discovery. Spend a day anchored off the coast of Cébaco Island to enjoy snorkeling in its beautiful reefs with fish, turtles, and other spectacular marine life, or, a guided walk along the beach.

Conclude your expedition with a specially arranged daylight transit of the Panama Canal to experience the mighty locks that raise and lower ocean-going vessels 85 feet, employing the force of gravity to achieve in mere hours what once involved a three‑week circumnavigation of South America.

Space is limited and will be shared with participants from cosponsoring associations. Please contact the Alumni Travel Study Program at 866-325-8664 or [email protected] for more details and to book now while choice accommodations are available.