Deliberate Liberation

Michael Chan

After earning Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Financial Engineering from Columbia University, a CFA Charter, and years of working experience on Wall Street, Michael Chan shares a conscientious examination of the key principles that contribute to a good life, discovering what that means for ourselves, and specific things we can do to get there without relying on unreliable motivation.

Deliberate Liberation distills multi-year research from Psychology to Personal Finance, from Philosophy to Rationality, unearthing the secrets of constant improvement from the world’s best thinkers and greatest practitioners. Michael shares his personal process of setting effective goals and achieving them, with a step-by-step guide that can be used for anyone, whether reaching Financial Freedom or reading 52 books a year or gaining physical resilience.

You'll train your mind and get results in the real world. Featuring tips and tricks from Nobel Laureates, multidisciplinary scientists, founding fathers, Hedge Fund managers, philosophers, pro athletes, artists, and everyone in between, this philosophical exploration of what it takes to grow is a guide to mastering ourselves and life.