Eating Together, Being Together: Recipes, Activities, and Advice from a Chef Dad and Psychologist Mom

Caroline Clauss-Ehlers

Three parts parenting, two parts cookbook, and one part activities, Eating Together, Being Together is full of unique insights from a New York Times–starred chef dad and an award-winning psychologist mom. The book talks about the importance of encouraging kids from a young age to be aware of what they’re eating. By engaging in food preparation and sharing what’s been created as a family, kids of all ages gain an understanding of food choice and eating mindfulness, while all the while forging family connection and communication.
   Each chapter offers easy-to-make recipes using fresh ingredients accompanied by thoughts and tips on using mindfulness to deal with picky eating, listening skills, academic stress, and more. This structure allows preparing and eating meals together to be meaningful, where kids and their parents, guardians, and caregivers can learn from one another and grow closer.
   Recipes include a range of food options to accommodate varying tastes with accessible step-by-step instructions for parents and kids. Activities for each chapter tie in key themes for cooking, and for life, that are presented in developmentally thoughtful ways for young children, preteens, teens, and grown-ups. From eating mindfulness and having honest food conversations to building rituals that support togetherness, this book explores how the family meal, whether cooking or eating, can bring families closer together.
   Whether it’s sharing feelings while mixing batter, or adults telling stories of their childhood while enjoying a favorite recipe, a special kind of bonding happens around food. Eating Together, Being Together gives readers the recipes, activities, and advice for that bonding experience and helps set the table for connection.