The Future of Science is Female: The Brilliant Minds Shaping the 21st Century

Zara Stone

From saving the oceans to improving the rehabilitation and job prospects of people struggling in prison, these badass female scientists and entrepreneurs are changing the world.
   Take a look at what the future holds—and how women are making it better. Each chapter examines a different world problem, from climate change to criminal justice and the future of work, all told through the lens of diverse female scientists who are working on solutions.
   In The Future of Science is Female, author and award-winning journalist Zara Stone shares the fascinating, complicated stories of how a diverse group of powerful women got started—from the perspective of those still working it out as they go along. Take 22-year old Dominique Barnes, a female hero of the oceans. She was worried about all the dolphins and whales killed during shrimp farming, so the marine biologist created a tasty, affordable plant-based shrimp alternative. And she's just one of the sheroes you will discover in The Future of Science is Female.
   Real encouragement and inspiration for today's amazing girls. Forget the "ivory tower" of accomplishment. Learn about the drama, tears, and adventures everyday women heroes face as they race to fix everything the world has messed up. The Future of Science is Female inspires future female founders of the world to turn their dreams into reality. In this book, learn about:
   -Kimberlie Le and her edible synthesized fungi that tastes just like your favorite seafood
   -Pree Walia's Nailbot, a portable printer that prints nail art from a cellphone and encourages girls to join STEM programs
   These stories are important; less than 4% of Latinas and 3% of Black women get doctoral degrees in science and engineering. Women make up around 20% of all undergraduate degrees in engineering, physics, and computer science but only 11% end up working in STEM.