Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

Sanford D. Greenberg

In this remarkable and inspiring story of a Columbia University undergrad from a poor Jewish family who loses his eyesight to disease during his junior year, author Sanford D. Greenberg overcomes unimaginable adversity to forge a life of exceptional achievement.
   Hello Darkness, My Old Friend: How Daring Dreams and Unyielding Friendship Turned One Man’s Blindness into an Extraordinary Vision for Life features an introduction by Art Garfunkel, Greenberg’s college roommate and lifelong friend, foreword by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and final word by Margaret Atwood.
   A powerful and moving story that will inspire readers to face the challenges in their own lives, the book is a dive into the human spirit. Through engaging storytelling and elegant prose, the book demonstrates with profound emotional clarity how friendship, faith and courage can help anyone overcome even the most profound limitations.