Leadership Step by Step: Become the Person Others Follow

Joshua Spodek

Instead of recounting principles and information about leadership, LEADERSHIP STEP BY STEP teaches you to lead, with an integrated, comprehensive progression of exercises that give you the skills, beliefs, and experiences of effective leaders. Doing the exercises is leadership equivalent of taking piano lessons compared to reading about music theory.

Imagine you wanted to learn piano and all teachers, books, and courses started with a year of lecture on music theory and case studies about Bach. Then someone invented scales so you learn to play and you learn theory by practicing. That's LEADERSHIP STEP BY STEP, except to lead people or create projects. It teaches "scales" for leadership.

The material is tested with hundreds of students at NYU, Columbia, and many private firms. I've led seminars and workshops at Harvard, Princeton, MIT, and more. #1 leadership thinker and bestseller Marshall Goldsmith calls it "a once-in-a-lifetime game-changing advance in our field everyone else will follow. It's better than business school courses."

There's more at SpodekAcademy.com.