Western Mediterranean Civilizations Sicily, Tunisia, Sardinia & Menorca | October 13 - 22, 2024

Join alumni and friends from October 13 - 22, 2024 for Western Mediterranean cruise aboard the luxurious Sea Cloud II, departing from Malta. Follow the historic routes of ancient Phoenician, Greek, and Roman explorers between Southern Europe and North Africa. Expert guides will join you in Sicily, Sardinia, Tunisia, and Menorca—locations     renowned for their historical significance and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

In sun-drenched Sicily, revel in a privately guided tour of the UNESCO-listed Valley of the Temples, featuring marvelously preserved 2,500-year-old structures left behind by the island’s ancient Greek colonists. Learn about remarkable recent archaeological findings here. Sail to North Africa and join expert guides in Tunisia’s capital, Tunis. Explore the city’s UNESCO-listed areas, including its medieval medina. Get an exclusive look at the legendary ruins of Carthage, originally a Phoenician settlement, now adorned with the extravagant villas of its Roman conquerors. On a private tour of the recently reopened Bardo Museum, marvel at one of the world’s largest collections of ancient Roman polychrome mosaics.

In Sardinia, enjoy a privately guided, in-depth look at the ancient Roman city of Nora and its theater, mosaics, and baths. Step ashore on the Spanish island of Menorca, a historical melting pot of Roman, Islamic, and Byzantine influences. At the Museu de Menorca, peruse the displays of Roman mosaics, Islamic ceramics, and exquisite paintings. Meet scholars at an immense prehistoric settlement, featuring Menorca’s distinctive stone talayots (watchtowers) and other unique structures only found on this island.

We hope you will join fellow alumni for this rare intercontinental voyage into the treasures of ancient cultures. Please contact the Alumni Travel Study Program at 866-325-8664 or [email protected] for more details and to book now while choice accommodations are available.