A to Z of D-Toxing: The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Our Toxic Exposures

Sophia Ruan Gushee

A to Z of D-Toxing, written by the popular nontoxic lifestyle expert Sophia Ruan Gushée, has been critically-acclaimed by the world’s best physicians, researchers, professors, and those looking for a fact-based, responsible explanation on the toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that we can avoid from what we buy and do. It explains the health risks from daily exposures, and is filled with common sense, practical tips, and is easy to read. A to Z of D-Toxing is essential for every household. Readers gain an invaluable perspective on how our environment has changed drastically since World War II and every year since then. At the same time, you will learn important strategies and tips to protect you and your loved ones. Examples of health issues that can be influenced by toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and electromagnetic fields include allergies, brain fog, chronic illness, cancer, children's health and development, fatigue, hormone disruption, infertility/fecundity, insomnia, and obesity. Pregnancy, children, and teens deserve extra precautions since toxic exposures can be most influential during these periods of rapid biological development of the brain, heart, reproductive system, and other organs. A to Z of D-Toxing addresses all aspects of our lives: diet, home (the things that contribute to the health of our indoor environment), beauty and personal care products, and technology. Readers can then be empowered to lead healthier lifestyles from a truly holistic approach. For example, you will learn tips to detox the below.Beauty and personal care productsBed linensCleaning productsChildren's productsClothingDietElectronics / TechnologiesFurnitureMattressesPaints and other interior design decisionsPantry itemsPots and pansRugs and carpetsA to Z of D-Toxing is an invaluable resource that will lay the groundwork for leading an improved quality of life.*Please note the section on EMFs is introductory. Sophia developed EMF detox tips further as an online workshop that can be found at her D-Tox Academy at NontoxicLiving.tips