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CAA | Columbia on the Continent: Alumni in Action

March 4, 2022
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Many Columbia students and affiliates are interested in working on the African continent but do not know where to begin. Since many Columbia alumni already work on the continent working in governments, international organizations, companies, and NGOs, their expertise could benefit many of our members seeking to work on the continent in various capacities. Bridging the gap between the African diaspora and those working to solve the continent's challenges is one of the African Development Group's main goals. This event would allow Columbia students to see where they could be after graduation. Learning from alumni is essential to determining paths after college since they went through many of the same challenges we are now in determining what to do after graduation, what programs to apply for, among many other issues. The relationships developed in these interactions could be invaluable to our future.

The main goal of the session would be to expose Columbia students and affiliates to possible careers on the continent through direct interaction with Columbia alumni who are working in those careers.

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