Past Event

CAA DC | The New Science of Narrative Intelligence

October 11, 2023
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

In this presentation, Prof. Angus Fletcher of the Project Narrative at OSU, the world’s leading academic think-tank on the topic, explains how and why our brains think in stories. Fletcher, an expert in neuroscientific approaches to narrative, identifies this capacity as “storythinking.” He demonstrates that storythinking is fundamental to what makes us human. Artificial intelligence can perform symbolic logic, rational deduction, and mathematical calculation, but it is incapable of deliberating in narrative. Drawing on new research in neuroscience and narrative theory, Fletcher explores the nature of imagination, innovation, and creativity. He provides concise answers to big questions: How does storythinking work? Why did it evolve? How can it misfire? What problems can it solve?

Time will be allocated for Q&A.

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Miyako Yerick