Hope: A Pathway to Career Success

Lynn Berger '84TC, '90TC
December 13, 2018

The Columbia Career Coaches Network's Lynn Berger reflects on getting yourself in a good mindset for the year ahead.

My favorite word is hope. A feeling of expectation and desire for something to happen.

Maintaining a hopeful attitude is crucial in our lives -- especially in times of stress, change, and turbulence.

How can you remain balanced and hopeful as to your future?

First, set clear, reasonable, actionable, value-based goals.

Secondly, keep track and be accountable for your process to a friend, colleague, or mentor. If possible, brainstorm ideas that utilize your strengths with these people. Listening to inspirational stories and speeches, such as in TED Talks or podcasts, can also serve as motivators.

Most importantly, take daily action on your goals. Strength builds on strength and action leads to action.

Don't forget to celebrate your accomplishments, small or large. Remember, social support is the greatest stress reducer and can be a source of inspiration.

I encourage you to embrace a sense of hope and the courage to be all you can be.

Lynn Berger '84, '90TC is a career counselor and coach, specializing in helping people make the most of their lives and feel fulfilled. Berger received her Master of Arts in Organizational Psychology and her Master of Education in Counseling Psychology from Columbia. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, National Certified Counselor, Master Career Counselor, and Professional Certified Coach. Berger has appeared as a guest expert on radio and TV shows nationwide and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington PostThe New York TimesNewsdayThe Huffington Post, Businessweek.com, and Monster.com. She authored The Savvy Part-Time Professional - How To Land, Create Or Negotiate The Part-Time Job Of Your Dreams.

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