GSAS Alumnae to Launch Immigrant Artist Biennial

CAA Arts Access
November 30, 2019

Mary Annunziata '17GSAS and Allison Cannella '18GSAS, curatorial advisors, will launch The Immigrant Artist Biennial in March 2020, along with founding director and curator Katya Grokhovsky. This will be the first-ever arts biennial to feature a roster made up entirely of immigrant artists. This roster includes artists from all over the globe who currently live in the United States and make work related to themes of otherness, separation, alienation, and community.

The Biennial will exist as a series of exhibitions in several venues around NYC. In addition, there will be a number of events ranging from panel discussions to artist talks and performances at various locations such as Green-Wood Cemetery and The Brooklyn Museum. Needless to say, the goal of this Biennial is to support emerging artists of immigrant backgrounds by giving them exposure and exhibition opportunities in the "artworld."

Learn more on The Immigran Artist Biennial site.